Structure 8

Problem 137 Sentences and Clauses

Remember that a main clause, also an independent clause, can function as a separate sentence. A subordinate clause, also called a dependent clause, must be attached to a main clause. A dependent clause is often marked with the clause marker that.


Main Clause                    Clause Marker —————— Dependent Clause

( Setence )

Wa were glad                           That                                        The box came

Avoid using the clause marker with dependent clauses as sentences. Avoid using the clause marker that with a sentence that has no dependent clause following it.



Incorrect: During final exam week, that the library when opening all night.

Correct : During final exam week, the library is opened all.



1.The weather that is very rainy this time of year.

A            B                      C    D

Answer :  B. Correct is

2. All of the dorms that are located on East Campus.

A           B           C         D

Answer : C. Correct are

3.During our vacation, that we suspended the newspaper delivery.

A                                  B            C                       D

Answer : B. Correct we

Problem 138 Clause Marker Subjects

Remember that some dependent clauses may come in the middle of a main clause. In many of these dependent clauses, the clause marker is the subject of the dependent clauses, for example, the clause marker which.

Subject ————— Main Clause ————— Main Verb

                          The box                                                            was for you

Clause Marker Subject ————- Dependent Clause ————- Verb

                      Which                                                                                Came C.D.O

Avoid using a clause-marker subject without a verb or a verb without a clause-market subject in dependent clauses of this type.


Incorrect: The concert, is scheduled for Friday, has been canceled.

Correct : The concert, which is scheduled for Friday, has been canceled.

  1. My suitcases, which …….. now at the city airport, have been located.

A. Is

B. They are

C. Are

D. They is

Answer : C

2. The telephone number, which ……… written down, is for the hotel.

A. Is

B. Are

C. A

D. They

Answer : A

3. The flowers, which were just ………. , are from Steve.

A. Delivery

B. Delivering

C. Deliver

D. Delivered

Answer : D

Problem 139 Verbs in Dependent Clauses

Remember that both main clauses and dependent clauses must have their own verbs.

Main Clause                       Clause Marker – – – – – – – – – – Dependent Clause

S     V                                        That                    S                        V

It is good                                 That                The box            arrived on time

Avoid deleting the verb in a dependent clause, or using an –ing form instead of a verb in the dependent clause.


Incorrect: It is a shame that you missing the movie.

Correct : It is a shame that you missed the movie.

1.He said that he wanted to going.

A      B           C            D

Answer : D. Correct go

2. I noticed that Marys absence today.

A          B     C            D

Answer : C. Correct mary was

3. The experiment proved that the plants need less water.

A       B                       C     D

Answer : C. Correct needed

Problem 140 Adjectives Clauses

Remember that in some dependent clauses, the clause marker refers to and modifies the object of the main clause.

Main Clause          Clause Marker —————– Dependent Clause

       S                               V                                              That                        S              V

The boxes                     Are               The ones            That                      We       Ordered

Avoid adjective clauses without a subject or without a verb.


Incorrect: This is the way that coming the last time.

Correct : This is the way that we came the last time.

  1. This book is the one our class ……. .

A. Use

B. Used

C. Using

D.  To used

Answer : B

2. These are the assignments that our teacher …….. us.

A. Give

B. Given

C. Giving

D. Gave

Answer : D

3. There are some things ……. don’t understand about living in the United State.

A. That is

B. That I

C. That

D. I

Answer : B