On May 28, 2012 in room M-306, in courses english for IT 2, class code BL102B time 11:20 to 13:00 pm, Mrs.Dwi assign tasks to students / i to listen and answer soa l – a matter of exercises of lisening comprehension test section total 50 questions. And in doing it later if sudak sent via email. and because at that time the internet connection is having problems sending these tasks can be done outdoors. And after that mrs.dwi ordered to watch and comment on a video presentation of Mohammed Wahyudin, then Mrs.Dwi continue the learning process by addressing multiple choise quizes Fourteenth meeting of the types of population centers consisting of 9 questions and than answer the question – a matter of choice the double we are instructed to find the main idea of each sentence – each paragraph. And because time was up then Mrs.Dwi discuss the matter – a matter quickly.