On Monday, May 21, 2012, in English courses For IT 2, in Room M-306, Mrs.DWI review the procedures for answering toefl, and Mrs.dwi Provide duty to answer questions Complete Practice Toefl listening toefl setence test one (CT1LA) Part a to Part C which contained 50 questions, for toefl practice, and the answer is sent to the mailing list dwi_sloria@faculty.raharja.ac.id, because that campus internet network at the time was no interference, then Mrs. bi asked to save draft email in order for it later after the internet can be sent again, after the completion of the exercise toefl, Mrs.dwi then goes on to examine the tasks to create video presentations that have not been examined, and sent some students to menempikan video presentation on the projector, and for students / other students who watched was assigned to comment on the video presentation, the clarity of some of the criteria of sound, speaker appearance, images, text are in use according to the toefl test module or not, and there is a conclusion or not. Later, his comments are also sent to the mailing list dwi_sloria@faculty.raharja.ac.id, because time has run out and not all of his video work on the check, and also there is not yet working on the next Monday ordered Mrs.Dwi should be completed by all and will continue the examination on his homework. and also Mrs.dwi commissioned to upload a video presentation for who was in the check to youtube with the keywords Raharja AMC (ENGLISH 2), and after that in the post on the blog as a substitute for research grant.