First Meeting


1.            In photosynthesis, energy from the sun is?

A.            changed to chemical energy

B.            conducted from the xylem to the leaves of green plants

C.            not necessary to the process

D.            released one to one for each molecule of carbon dioxide used


2.            The word stored in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to?

A.            retained    B.    converted   C.    discovered   D.    specified


3.            The word their in paragraph 2 refers to?

A.            radiant energy and chemical energy

B.            carbon dioxide and water

C.            products

D.            complex substances


4.            The word successively in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to?

A.             with effort         B.            in a sequence   C.            Slowly                   D.  carefully


5.            Besides the manufacturer of food for plants, what is another benefit of photosynthesis?

A.            It produces solar energy

B.            It diffuses additional carbon dioxide into the air

C.            It maintains a balance of gases in the atmosphere

D.            It removes harmful gases from the air


6.            Which of the following is NOT true of the oxygen used in photosynthesis?

A.            Oxygen is absorbed by the roots

B.            Oxygen is the product of photosynthesis

C.            Oxygen is used in respiration

D.            Oxygen is released into the atmosphere through the leaves


7.            Which title best expresses the ideas in this passage?

A.            A Chemical Equation

B.            The Process of Photosynthesis

C.            The Parts of Vascular Plants

D.            The Production of Sugar