Section 2:

Structure and written  Expression

(25 minutes – 40 question )


There are two types of question in this section. In the first type of questions, there are incomplete setences. Beneath each setences, theresp are four words or phrases. You will choose the one word or phrase that best completes the setence. The second type of question has four underlined word or phrase that must be changed for the setence to be correct. Each question in this part has four answer choises. Choose the best answer to each question on a paper answer sheet ( A, B, C, or D).


1.program such as  head start were developed   To prepare  children from deprive

A                                 B                          C

situations to enter school without to  experience unusual difficulties.



Answer: b correct was developed


2._________ on clear days one can see the snowcap of mount rainer from seattle.






Answer: c


3.the bridge at niagara falls spans the longer unguarded border in the history of the

A                          B

world symbolizing the peace and goodwill that exist   Between  canada and the united

C           D



Answer: b correct no longer


4.Borrowing animals provide path for water in soil, and so do the roots of plans…


B.when they die and decay

C.they die and decay

D.when they will die and decay


Answer: b


5._________ a busy city, pompelim was virtually destroyed by the eruption of mount vesuvius in 79 A.D.

A.once was once

C.once it was

D.that once


Answer: a


6.Led by daniel webster, party was one of  two major political powers in the united

A                                  B                                  C

states from 1834 and 1852



Answer : d correct to 1852


7.osillatona, one of the new plants that can move about ________ a wavy, gliding motion.




D. With


Answer: b


8.__________ a teacher in new england webster wrote the dictionary of the american  language. was while


C.when was



Answer: d


9. A vine climbs from one tree to another, continuing to grow and support itself even

A                            B

when the original supporting tree is not longer alive.

C                          D


Answer: d correct no longer


10. Not until a student has mastered algebra                The principles of geometry,

Trigonometry, and physics.

A.he can begin to understand

B.can he begin to understand

C.he begins to understand

D.begins to understand


Answer: a

11.sometime ants keep smaller insects that give off honeydew, milking them regularly

A                                    B                                                                          C

and even building barns to shelter   Them.



Answer: a correct sometimes


12.if ruby is heated it _____ temporary lose its color.






Answer: b


13.the neutron bomb provided the capable of limited  nuclear war in which buildings

A              B                               C

would be preserve.  But people would be destroyed.



Answer: a correct capablity  1776 to 1800, the population  of the U.S. continue to rise, reaching  five million

A                                     B                                                 C         D

citizens by the turn of the century.


Answer: a correct from




15. From space  , austronauts are able to clearly see the outline of the whole earth.

A                                        B          C                                D


Answer: c correct to clear



16.ghost towns like rhyolite, nevada , are communitas that are not longer inhabited

A                                                                               B

because changes in economic conditions have caused the people to move elsewhere.

C                                                                                                         D


Answer: b correct no longer



17. It is now believed that some damage to tissues may result _______ them to frequent x-rays.


A.the exposing

B.from exposure

C.from exposing




Answer: c


18.sharks differ from  other fish in that skeletones are made of cartilage instead bone.

A                 B                                        C                                D


Answer: d correct instead of   Are always busiets on april  because both federal and state taxes are

A                                                 B                                          C

due on the fiftheenth.



Answer: b correct in april


20.both viruses also  genes are  made from nucleoproteins, the essenstial chemicals

A                 B

with which living matter duplicates itself.

C                                    D


Amswer: a correct but


21.agronomists study   Crop disease  , selective breeding, crop rotation, and climatic

A                  B

factors as well soil content and  erosion.

C                           D


Answer: c correct well as


22.before  the invention of the musical staff, people passed musical composition on to


each other not by writting them down but also by remembering them.  

B                                                       C                                     D


Answer: d correct it





23.some birds can travel at spends approaching one hundred miles an hour , and a few

A                                                                                              B                        C

 land animals can so



Answer: a correct someimes birds


24.according to many educators, television should not become a replacement for good

A                      B                                                      C

teacher, and neither are computers



Answer: d correct should


25.a communication satelite orbits the earth at the same rate revolios ______ over a fixed point of the surface

A. So it can remain that it can remain can remain

D.So can remain


Answer: b ground control approach , the air traffic controller informs  the pilot how is the

A                      B                                C

 plane  from the touch down point.



Answer: d correct touch down point



27.ever the senate passes a bill, a messenger takes it to the house of representatives

A                            B

delivers in to the speaker of the house and bows deeply from the wairst.

C        D


Answer: a correct whenever



28.overseas telephone service has been expanding  fastly inauguration in 1927 when a

A            B                              C

radio circuit was established between newyork and london.



Answer: b correct fast


29. Anyone reproducing  copyright works without permission of the holders of the


copyright are breaking the law

B      C             D


Answer: b correct is



30. Nitrogen must be combine with another element  such as hydrogen or oxygen to be

A                                B                   C                                            D

 usefull in agriculture or industry.


Answer: a correct must be combined


31. Beiside rain ______ is seldome pure.

A.water naturally

B.natural water

C.water of nature

D.the nature’s water


Answer: b the sixtenth century , franciois vieta a french mathematician used voiwels a,i,u,e,o

A                                                                                B

to represent  a  unknown number.

C          D


Answer: d correct an



33.the FDA was setup in 1940___________ that maintain standards for the sale of food and drugs. enforce the law enforcing the laws

C.enforcing laws

D. enforced the laws


Answer: a


34.vasco da gama, accompanied by a large crew and a feet of twenty ships, were

A                                                            B

  trying to establish portuguest domination in africa and india  during the sixtenth century

C                                                        D


Answer: b correct was ancient times and throughout the middle ages, many people believed that the

A                B               C

 earth is  motionless.



Answer: d correct are


36.double starts orbit _________

A.each to the order

B.each order

C.each other one

D.other each one


Answer: b


37.with his father’s gudiance, mozart begun plying the clavier at the age of composing

A                                                 B       C                                                    D

 at the age of five



Answer: b correct begin


38.almost poetry is  more enjoyable when it is  read aloud

A                B           C                         D


Answer: a correct most


39. At the cereal grains _________ grow on the prairies and plains of the united states

A.but rice

B.except the rice

C.but for rice

D. Expecting rice


Answer: a


40. Supersonic transport such  the concorde was never widely accepted in part because

A                                                      B                                 C

of  the problems of noisy and atmospheric pollution



Answer: a correct such as