On Date 7 May 2012, in courses english For IT 2  in  M-306, Mrs.DWI check homework english for IT 2 is making a video presentation about the eight-Fourteenth meeting meeting. Then Mrs.Dwi his name one by one, but not all are called. Edy that time the first bill on the nature of geysers, ninth meeting. student / other students who watched the task of commenting on a video presentation of several categories such clarity of sound, images, and point-point text in a video presentation. His comments in writing and sent to sloria@ilearning.com, and so on, the latter featuring a video presentation about the nature of arwan geysers (ninth meeting), and the third about the current american Zico family, Eleventh meeting. And for displaying video that has been the percentage gain advice and criticism from Mrs.Dwi. and after that the video presentation explaining Mrs.Dwi there are deficiencies in the repair and then immediately uploaded on youtube, and after that in the post on each blog. And because time was not sufficient, for today’s video presentation featuring only 3 people. Last Mrs.Dwi Homework to do the quiz gave the ninth meeting and the Eleventh meeting, were sent to sloria@ilearning.com.