On 30 April 2012, the IT courses english for two in room M-306 mrs.dwi notify UTS value, after which mrs.dwi check student homework assignment, is making a video presentation on up to eight meetings that have been in  fourtenth meeting stipulations. after mrs.Dwi check and it was not all work and see its structure is still incorrect, then mrs.Dwi video explains the correct arrangement of the greeting and introduce yourself, the title of the presentation, presentation text in the form of bullet points and pictures, text explanation of the presentation either directly through a video or a sound recording and so on in the text and insert images, and in the end by the closing greetings. Then after that mrs.dwi ordered to make / fix the text in the form of keynote presentations. And if that is the check that has his name on the record and for the uninitiated at waiting till 20:00 hours, and can meet mrs.Dwi in room M-208 at 17:00. And if it is his name in the record and prepare for a presentation next Monday.