Third meeting


Main idea of the first paragraph is to desribe many ways of communication

Main idea of the second paragraph is symbols, signals or signs, intricate relationship with the receivers culture perceptions.

Main idea of the third paragraph is a major disadvantage in communication using signals, signs, symbols, and gestures.


1. Which the following would be the best title for the passage?

A. Signs and Sign

B. Gestures

C. Communication

D. Speech


2.  What does the author say about speech?

A. It is the only true of communication

B. It is the dependent upon the advances made by inventors

C. It is necessary for communication to occur

D .It is the most advanced from of communication


3. The phrase impinge upon in paragraph 1 closest in meaning to

A. Intrude

B. Improve

C. Vary

D. Prohibit


4. The word it in paragraph 1 refers to

A. Function

B. Signal

C. Environment

D. Way

5. The word potential in paragraph 1 could best be replaced by

A. Range

B. Advantage

C. Organization

D. Possibility


6. The word intricate in paragraph 2 could be best replaced by which the following?

A. Inefficient

B. Complicated

C. Historical

D. Uncertain

C. Environment


7.  Applauding was cited as an example of

A.  A signal

B. A sign

C. A symbol

D. Gesture


8.Why were the telephone, radio, and TV invented?

A.  People were unable to understand signs, symbols, and signals

B. People wanted to communicate across long distance

C. People believed that signs, signals, and symbol were absolete

D. People wanted new forms of entertainment