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Main idea of first paragraph is the explanation of the adult insect body.

Main idea of second paragraph is classify the types of inrect based on the features of the mouth.

Main idea of third paragraph is the characteristic of insect



1. What is the best title for this passage?

A. An insect’s Environment

B. The Structure of an Insect

C. Grasshoppers and Beetles

D. The Stages of Life of an Insect


2. How are insect classified?

A. By the environment in which they live

B. By the food they eat

C. By the structure of the mouth

D. By the number and type of wings


3. The word common in paragraph 2 is closet in meaning to?

A. Normal

B. Rare

C. Import

D. Necessary


4. The author compares labrum and labium to?

A. an upper and lower lip

B. mandibles

C. maxillae

D. jaws


5. What is the proboscis?

A. Nectar

B. A tube constructed of modified maxillae

C. A kind of butterfly

D. A kind of flower


6. Which of the following have mandibles and maxillae that have been modified to sharp stylets?

A. Grasshoppers

B. Butterflies

C. Mosquitoes

D. Houseflies


7. The phrase drill throughin paragraph 2 could best be replaced by?

A. penetrate

B. saturate

C. explore



8.The word it in paragraph 2 refers to?

A. pad

B. food

C. Housefly

D. Mouth


9. What is the purpose of this passage?

A. To complain

B. To persuade

C. To entertain

D. To inform