Fifth meeting


Main idea of first paragraph is the historical why women don’t have the right to vote

Main idea of second paragraph is supported the rights of women to speak and to participate equally with men in antislavery activities.

Main idea of third paragraph is the ways how the womens suffrage granted



1.With what topic is the passage primarily conconcerned?

A. The Wyoming Territory

B. The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments

C. Abolitionists

D. Womens suffrage


2.The word ban in paragraph 1 most nearly means to?

A. Encourage

B. Publish

C. Prohibit

D. Limit


3.The word primarily in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to?

A. above all

B. Somewhat

C. finally

D. always


4.What had occurred shortly after the Civil War?

A. The Wyoming Territory was admitted to the Union

B. A women’s suffrage bill was introduced in Congress

C. The eastern states resisted the end of the war

D. Black people were granted the right to vote

5.The word suffrage in paragraph 3 could best be replaced by which of the following?

A. pain

B. Citizenship

C. freedom from bondage

D. the right to vote


6.The word it in paragraph 3 refers to?

A. bill

B. Congress

C. Nineteenth Amendment

D. vote


7.What does the Nineteenth Amendment guarantee?

A. Voting rights for blacks

B. Citizenship for blacks

C. Voting rights for women

D. Citizenship for women


8.When were women allowed to vote throughout the United States?

A. After 1866

B. After 1870

C. After 1878

D. After 1920