on 19 March 2012, the courses English For IT 2, mrs.dwi provides an opportunity for friends who have not the presentation. then after the presentation discusses the multiple-choice quiz mrs.dwi third meeting (communication) from 1 to 8.


And after discussing quizzes mrs.dwi tells us to find the main idea of each paragraph in the fourth meeting. and sent to the mailing list sloria@ilearning.com

There are three paragraphs:

  •   Main idea of first paragraph is the explanation of the adult insect body
  •   Main idea of second paragraph is classify the types of inrect based on the features of the mouth.
  •  Main idea of third paragraph is the characteristic of insects.


after the clock runs out and mrs.dwi subjects assigned to send the main idea of the third meeting and the fourth meeting, and multiple choice quizzes as well.